barnThat’s a funny name for a genealogy blog, isn’t it? In Greek mythology, Triton is the son of Poseidon, and messenger of the sea. Triton is also the largest satellite of Neptune, and has the dual distinction of being both the coldest body in the solar system and volcanically active. Family history can be a bit like that: mysterious, arcane, and intimidating. It seems like a technical discipline having to do with names and dates, and not much else. But once you start working on your own family history, you are bound to start learning more about your ancestors than you would have ever expected – interesting things such as where and how they lived, what challenges they faced in life, and what mattered most to them.

In Life on Triton, you’ll find a mixture of excerpts from journals, papers or other documents, historical tidbits, and advice on doing genealogical research. I hope you will find it both interesting and useful.

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