About John Woodhouse

John Woodhouse

John Woodhouse

John Woodhouse was born in Adwick Le Street, Yorkshire, England (near Doncaster). He was taught the trade of tailoring by his father, though he was the first of his family to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon church) in 1848. The rest of his family followed him, and they emigrated to the states on the ship “Ellen” in 1851. It departed Liverpool January 8, 1851, arriving in New Orleans March 14. This was one of the last several LDS Pioneer ships to sail to New Orleans, perhaps due to high morality due to disease. Later ships (from Europe) typically sailed to New York.

They first settled in St. Louis Missouri where his father died, apparently while working in Illinois. His brother Norman also died in St. Louis, but the rest of the family would travel west in 1852 with the Jepson company at age 21 (departing May 29, 1852 and arriving in September 10.)

John Woodhouse lived to be 86, when he died September 10, 1916 in Lehi, Utah after being struck by a train during a late night walk.


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